Betty's Bad Luck in Love


Action / Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.2/10 10 723 723

Top cast

Laci J Mailey as Betty
Jessica Sipos as Firefighter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by athompsonblue 7 / 10

Had Me Laughing

It's a fun, fresh idea: A woman who's convinced that she's a bad luck charm for any man she dates. Between this and her job as a risk analyst, she has become a nervous wreck. And it's hilarious!

In real life, would the guy be too scared off to give her any more chances? Probably! But this is one allowance I'll make for a romantic comedy.

Even though I guessed that the movie would go for that late plot twist with Eleni, I'm still glad it did. I think it was the only mature direction to take the story.

My only big complaint: Isn't men and women playing rugby together a huge no-no? I mean, it's a full contact sport. And men are bigger and physically stronger than women. That's just a fact.

Reviewed by IdaSlapter 7 / 10

The problem with this movie...

...was they didn't set up the main character's history where they SHOWED some of her former boyfriend's mishaps. They showed one, which wasn't funny or dangerous, and that was it.

Cut to her talking and talking and talking endlessly about the problem, instead of showing WHY she freaks out so easily.

The rest of the script could've used some more structure, and that nerd potential 'boyfriend' subplot was a cliche 40 years ago.

This is unfortunate because it wasted an overall good cast. The leads, especially Marco Grazzini is so effortlessly charming, he -- and Lacey J. Mailey deserved much better.

Reviewed by Avidviewer-02847 2 / 10

A Hallmark disaster.

I had to double check, I thought it might have been a Reel One Entertainment movie or a Nicely movie, but no it's a Hallmark movie. This is one of the worst Hallmark movies I've ever seen. The script is rubbish and the dialog is terrible. It drags on and on with boring subplots. I think the writer must have been tripping when they wrote this script.

The actors aren't totally bad, but even they couldn't salvage a disastrous script. Curses are a cliched plot and add to it the fact that the lead is a risk manager and it was all downhill. I fast forwarded through boring scenes and repetitious dialog.

I liked Marco Grazzini and some of the support staff.

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