Bono & The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming with Dave Letterman


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Reviewed by billcr12 9 / 10


David Letterman brings a sense of wonder and awe to the city of Dublin as he interviews Bono and The Edge in between live performances that take place mostly in a small theater with The Edge on acoustic guitar or piano and Bono singing accompanied by a cellist.

The pair are a massively talented song writing pair who explain their origins, meeting as teenagers with a shared love of music.

The first major hit was Sunday Bloody Sunday which I immediately recognized when The Edge demonstrated his composition of with the first few chords on his guitar. A partial version is shown at the theater, as is the haunting tune, Bad.

Letterman is as witty as expected with his funny interactions with the Irishmen.

I loved this documentary but I wish that more of the concert was included in the final cut.

Reviewed by chicagoexpat 10 / 10

If you don't know Ireland...

I admit that I am as prejudiced as one could be, so take my 10/10 with a grain of salt. I love Ireland, I love Dublin, I love U2 and I like David Letterman. So watching this film, seeing places I know and love with U2 talking about their music and others talking about U2 it was unavoidable that I watch this, unavoidable that a few tears came to my eyes and unavoidable that I like this film. If you do not know Ireland but are a U2 fan you should enjoy this film as well, but you will not understand a few of the connections. And, if you have never experienced real pub life and music in Ireland, I beg you to do so as soon as possible. Then watch this film. It's not just about U2. Sláinte.

Reviewed by david-meldrum 7 / 10

Fun And Engaging, But Not Exactly Incisive

By and large, this is a fairly vanilla documentary; Dave Letterman is a charming but not exactly incisive interviewer. Any sort of U2 fan will hear nothing here that they didn't already know from elsewhere. The musical performances are by and large good versions of some of the newly rerecorded 40 songs from Songs Of Surrender. I was especially taken by the new version of Invisible, a song which had previously left me cold. It's moving and inspiring here, almost touching on gospel. The sequence where Bono and The Edge play a song written especially for Dave Letterman is very sweet; the bond between them is clearly real. It's also the case that whenever Glen Hansard is on camera (singing or speaking), he's a fun and engaging presence. Fans will enjoy it for the music and the behind-the-scenes feel; U2 sceptics may find some of Bono's reflections interesting.

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