Bye Bye Barry


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by getnoldfast 8 / 10


Been an NFL since the Buccaneers came into the league in 1976. Barry was always the one guy the Bucs hated playing knowing that the Bucs were terrible at that time and in the same division, but that Barry was going to bring it each and every game.

I'm glad he finally came out and made peace with a lot of his fans and the NFL community as a whole. A person knows deep inside when it's time to move on, regardless of their profession.

I do have two items I'd like to point out. First, I don't agree with this show using that race hustler, Jamele Hill. Of all the out of touch people out there they could have picked, she is at the bottom of my list.

However, on a good note, Barry and his wife, Lauren, appeared to have raised four outstanding young men who just happen to be good looking too. Overall, football is exciting and fun to watch, but the end game is that these four young men that will be leaders in our future. Bravo Mr. And Mrs. Sanders!

Reviewed by PDT816 9 / 10

Interesting and more Barry than expected

Barry in his own words. It's a great look into the greatest that ever played covering his career to his family relationships. I think a lot of people who have been Barry fans since his days at Oklahoma State will particularly enjoy the relationship aspects between Barry and his father.

It's an NFL production, so there's the expected highlight moments throughout the film to relive or be introduced to his greatness. There's plenty of interviews from people who were questionable choices, but the comments from Barry's teammates and others make up for it.

Several in our household that aren't football fans enjoyed it as well.

Reviewed by zkonedog 10 / 10

The Mystery of Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders has long been one of the most enigmatic figures in NFL history. After a decade of being one of the all-time great running backs, he up and vanished (retired) while still at his peak with no explanation given as to why. In Bye Bye Barry, the filmmakers examine Barry's life and personality in greater detail to try and understand his decision-making process.

The reason Bye Bye Barry is such a masterpiece documentary is because it is essentially two things in one 90-minute runtime:

First, it is a nostalgic look back at an iconic football talent. All the clips of Sanders making defenders look foolish trying to tackle him are incredible to behold and often narrated by the likes of Madden and Summerall or other great NFL voices. It all adds up to a reminder of Barry's utter greatness and how clearly he was one of the best to ever ply the RB trade.

Secondly, this doc is a really effective character study of Barry Sanders the individual. In a sport where ego and bravado often define the great talents, Sanders was the polar opposite. He cared little (actively rejected, in fact) the trappings of fame that came with NFL superstardom. He never celebrated on the field and hardly showed so much as a glint of emotion. As the filmmakers say here, he 100% let his play do his talking for him--and it largely was enough.

For a little while after watching, I didn't have Bye Bye Barry at 10/10 stars. The reason? Because as a viewer, you'll be waiting for that crack of emotion from Barry--and it simply never comes. This might leave you feeling a little disappointed. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was perfect--because that's just Barry. He has such a conviction towards his ideals that he simply will not break just for the cameras. Not an approach that can (or maybe even should) be taken by everyone, but admirable in its earnestness.

Add all that up and this Amazon product is top-level documentary work. You may still not understand exactly why Barry rode off into the sunset so early, but you'll clearly understand that for those who knew him it was no surprise. Just "Barry being Barry".

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