Caught Out: Crime. Corruption. Cricket


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by feroz-k-khan 4 / 10

Nothing you didn't already know

An incomplete documentary. You'd learn a lot more by reading about the saga online. They've hyped up the stings, the snares and conveniently left out the fact (until just before the final credits) that most of the cricketers who were once labeled as guilty were later exonerated by the same BCCI who attacked them maybe years ago. Netflix has a lot of money to throw on documentaries and while they are great with production values for the same, much leaves to be desired for the finishing up what they started with the story. If a follow up episode isn't made for this, it makes you wonder why only one (highly abridged) side of the story is picturised here.

Reviewed by amit-kittu007 5 / 10

Below than expectations

Netflix destroyed a good plot. I mean this documentary is more focused on azhar than the complete scam. Not a single word or clip is used for Ajay Jadeja, Kishan Kumar, Five south African cricketers including Harshell Gibbs and several others. The incident of so called bribe offered by Kapil dev to Manoj prabhakar was in Colombo in Singer cup in 1994 and according to Prabhakar, Sidhu was eye witness of that incident. In Tehelka tapes, sidhu didn't rejected manoj allegations. Well, I like to say most of the cricket lovers of that time have more information as compared to this documentary. So, Nothing new in this documentary but with lot of cuts in real incidents.

Reviewed by sriramthestranger 9 / 10

Good documentary!!

Its a kind of story when BCCI was still a startup, but a very very successful one and not the giant corporation it used to be now. The startup had little rules and things go by the whims and fancies of management / captains.

Its a gutsy move to investigate and actually bring such names to light. The gambling mechanism is creative. Buy the documentary makers just want to make it sensational by putting in names like Kapil Dev and Dawood Ibrahim, with only little story and just adding publicly available footage.

The Tehelka operation is also not to find the truth but to just sensationalize it...

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