Colin Fitz Lives!


Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 5.5/10 10 249 249


Top cast

Erik Jensen as Dean
William H. Macy as Mr. O'Day
Chris Bauer as Tony Baby Shark
Marley Shelton as Crying Fan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bellino-angelo2014 7 / 10

Very odd, and it's among the strangest movies I have seen

Considering that I arrived to 800 reviews with the one before this you might have noticed my tastes very well. In fact, there are lots of reviews for odd movies that nobody has seeked out in years because I have some sort of odd tastes and I think that I can enjoy them very much. While COLIN FITZ didn't won me over, it was decent entertainment nonetheless.

The film is set on the anniversary of the death of Colin Fitz (a singer compared to Elvis Presley to the point that his die-hard fans don't think he's dead) when bumbling security guards Paul and Grady have to protect his grave because the previous year some fanatics killed there. Paul and Grady spend the night in the graveyard and encounter various characters but at least they'll succedd to avoid a mass suicide by some fanatics.

That was the best way for explaining the plot because the movie doesn't even have a normal plot. When it begins there are some interviews by fans of Colin Fitz (including one played by super-gorgeous Kristen Johnston) and then we cut to Mr O'Day (William Macy) that gives the assignment to the two guards, then we cut to a wise-cracking groundskeeper (John McGinley) that gives a very brief speech and then bursts laughing, and as Paul and Grady go in the graveyard all crazy things starts to happen such as a gangster that has to bury a dead body, a bum that is chasen by a German Shepherd that happened to be there, but I can't spoil more for not ruining the movie for you.

Overall, a movie that I would recommend especially to fans of the weird, and I'd also recommend to simply turn off your brain because if you reflect too much on what happens you'd feel like your head becomes full of smoke. It's actually on YouTube if you want to give it a try.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by dwpollar 7 / 10

Funny spoof and comedy...

1st watched 1/8/2012 – 7 out of 10(Dir-Robert Bella): Funny spoof and comedy about a couple of security guards who get the job of watching the grave of a dead rock star on the 5th anniversary of his demise. The movie is kind of two movies in one – a spoof of the dead rock star named Colin Fitz(and in general our idolization of these folk) and a good buddy comedy with the two security guards butting heads because of their differences in their personalities. The movie is written well from start to finish and very funny with it's only real downside being the ending. Despite most of the movie being intelligent,funny and well-thought out – the ending was just downright goofy and didn't make much sense. Matt McGrath and Andy Fowle play the mis-matched guards with one being an artsy kind of touchy-feely person and the other kind of a macho, story-telling emotionally closed person. Their banter is hilarious because of their differences. They supposedly have this job because the year before a clone of the rock star killed some cult followers with tainted grape juice on the site, and the ex-wife doesn't want anything like this to happen again. Well this doesn't – but a lot of other things do. I like the fact that the movie doesn't resort to crude humor and doesn't have to have big-time stars carrying the lines. The lines just work as they are written. There are many unique characters and strange things that happen during the night that make the movie move very fast and is very watcheable. Apparently, the movie didn't get a distributor on it's initial run at the Sundance film festival but was picked up by the channel 10 years later and then got some distribution, finally around 2010. This is another example why Hollywood doesn't know what their doing, but thankfully the movie survives and can be seen – if you see it playing where you're at, don't miss it.

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