Dirty Little Secret



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Meghan Gardiner as Aunt Jean
Samuel Braun as Phil
Lizzie Boys as Lucy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deedrala 6 / 10

First hoarding movie - finally!

I used to watch the real-life hoarding shows until I couldn't take the frustration of seeing the clutter and disorganized messes anymore - it caused my normal anxiety to increase too much. So having seen the real-life hoarders with their personality disorders and mood swings and shame about their "dirty little secret", I was anxious to see the first movie ever made about the subject (that I know of).

It was realistic and well-acted - (Lizzie Boys is a talented young woman) - in showing the mental illness of a typical hoarder and how it negatively affects their family members. It was watchable and understandable until the end. I know the daughter was compelled to protect her mom's hoarding from the world, but the lengths she went to at the end were over the top and hard to believe. When her mom was killed by both her asthma and her hoarding compulsion at the same time, the daughter was afraid of the hoarding being broadcast on news outlets when her mom's dead body was taken out by paramedics, but there are HIPAA laws in place that would have prevented that from happening. The paramedics would not call the media because of a hoarding situation at the house they were called to to remove a corpse. So the "Gilbert Grape ending", as the first reviewer here accurately described it, wasn't necessary. I hated seeing her throw away so many perfectly good items that could've been donated or sold at a yard sale. I chalked up her senselessly extreme actions after discovering her mother's dead body to a nervous breakdown brought on by years of the burden she carried for her mother's sake, and her stubborn resolve to protect her mom's secret no matter what. But her explanation at the very end, that she "let the secret go", ignored the fact that there were other, less extreme, saner ways to let it go, which would have been much easier on her and her siblings. The way she chose to do it will be yet another burden she'll carry the rest of her life.

Grade C / 6 out of 10.

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 6 / 10

It is obvious that the ending spoiled the film for many who watched it

No spoilers here so please read on. Dirty Little Secret is about a mother and daughter living with a mother's illness that many people suffer from which is hoarding and compulsive purchasing of on line goods. Outside of their home Joanna (Melissa Joan Hart) lives a somewhat normal life at work and wishes to start dating as a single mom supporting one of her three daughters Lucy (Lizzie Boys) who remained at home after her husband and two (2) other daughters moved out of their home not wanting to tolerate her mothers hoarding any longer.

Joanna even meets a wonderful man but before the relationship can even get to first base Joanna quickly realizes that she cannot have anyone see what a mess her home has become so she breaks off this potentially loving relationship. Joanna's daughter Joy (Lizzie Boys) certainly realizes that her mother has a difficult yet incurable illness with her hoarding and non stop purchasing of on line orders. Joy is the most affected by her mothers illness which leaves her no choice but to continue to create white lies about her homelife to her friends and her school's guidance counsellor.

There is a natural magnetism that occurs between a parent and their children and flaws in a persons character whether they are physical or mental are regularly overlooked with the hope that their problem(s) will simply go away on their own. Such is not the case, certainly not in this made for TV film although who of us can really understand the family dynamics unless we lived it ourselves. I am eternally grateful that my own parents were stable hard working and loving parents and their biggest problem was their own children (including myself) leaving our bedrooms a bit messy.

So for those who did not like the film due to the strange ending (no spoiler here) please try and consider that there are real problems out there and when a film producer and director have approximately 90 minutes to share their story with us accept that there is a lot more to a families story that we are thankfully shared the misery of exploring.

I give the film a respectable 6 out of 10 IMDb rating.

Reviewed by Chartreuse1 7 / 10

Hoarding disorder uncovered!!!

Melissa Joan Hart as Joanna and Lizzie Boys as her daughter, Lucy, both shine in this Lifetime movie about a woman who is essentially, a pack rat and will not part with anything. It gets so bad that she loses her husband and her 2 older children move out. Lucy and her mom keep her secret well guarded. Their house looks like a wall-to-wall garage sale. I never knew that this was actually a sickness, The movie has an unhappy ending, though. More like this!!!

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