Haunted Harmony Mysteries: Murder in G Major



IMDb Rating 7.0/10 10 705 705

Top cast

Marco Grazzini as Griff
Risteard Cooper as Eamon McCarthy
Tamera Mowry-Housley as Gethsemane Brown
Adam Fergus as Inspector O'Reilly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nivalieve2004 6 / 10

Loved the novel .. The adapted TV show..meh

I loved the novel so much that I was quick to read the next and the next. Some parts of the book to the film went from wonderfully unique to doldrum. She's a DR Brown who didn't come to Ireland for necessarily doe eyed reasons.. Aemon's story happened nearly 50 years prior, she was drawn to him firstly because of his cologne, Griff was an awkward red haired Irish man, the school was an all boys school and she was teaching orchestra which was more in line with her actual story. I gathered that the nephew Billy was an old man. I wish they had been more in line with the actual novel because it was wonderful!

Reviewed by monicafinch 10 / 10

Fantastic story idea.

This was everything I loved in a murder mystery. I really hope this is the first of many series. It was like a blend of the best bits of Murder she wrote, Randell and Hopkirk deceased and the Aurora Teagarden mysteries. I loved that this can be watched across generations. I have teenagers and elderly parents and both enjoyed watching it.

Its great to see that more Hallmark films are being made in the UK and Ireland as it makes them more relatable. I could see this being a long standing series and would welcome it. Tamara was great and came across well as a reluctant but intelligent sleuth. Well done Hallmark.

Reviewed by cozymoviefan 8 / 10

stars just for a new Hallmark Plot line!

Hallmark Mysteries and More has been adapting books for years, but this one is outside its usual 'cozy' orbit. While it has some of the hallmarks (ahahahah) of the usual Hallmark mysteries, a hunky police officer, brainier love interest, the setting of Ireland and ghost aspect set it outside the usual fare of librarians, caterers and bakers who solve crimes on the side. I actually had to give the movie my undivided attention since it didn't quite follow the formula. The scenery and wardrobe alone make this worth watching. I do find Tamara Mowry to be a bit of an over actor but she is always entertaining.

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