It Was Always You


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.1/10 10 2304 2.3K

Top cast

Tyler Hynes as David
Erin Krakow as Elizabeth
Ben Rosenbaum as Mr. Henry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheCheeseMistress 7 / 10

Real life vs dreamland

A woman torn between her hyper stiff fiancé who has "first boyfriend" tattooed on his face, with whom she has absolutely nothing in common and is completely oblivious of her emotions and indifferent to every single thing she says, and his manic pixie dream guy brother who spends his time playing white savior to starving children in the third world, probably flying a vintage plane around the world because, you know, he's that cool. Who is she going to pick..? You'll have to watch it to find out..

The scenery is a joy to watch and the story is well written, just poorly executed with over-the-top one-dimensional characters.

(Possibly, maybe, a spoiler. I don't think it's a spoiler at all) As for the one review that mentions going after an engaged person, I don't think this movie does that at all. In fact, the script is clearly aware of that issue and handles it perfectly. He never seduces her, he exposes her to a different approach to life by his mere presence, you can't call that seducing someone. (Now solid spoiler ahead) And the possibility of them starting their relation right away, which would be unquestionably unacceptable adds to the thrill of the story, planting a doubt throughout the last third of the movie with a satisfactory pay-off that leaves everyone happy.

We can't play moral police with every tiny detail of a movie, they need to be able to challenge our pre-conceived notions of right and wrong in order to create situations in which our heroes are trapped in dilemmas where the limits between those two become no so clear, which is where the magic happens that leads to them finding their way out through some struggle that will ultimately make them wiser, stronger, happier than they were before.

Otherwise we'd end up with stories that just skip to the happy ending.

Reviewed by a-ross1-941-927078 4 / 10

Another fiancé gets shot down.

Yes, it's part of the formula. But I pity the poor actor who signed on to play "George" and had to be a total Schlub from the opening credits. It's hard to put this acting credit on your resume reel. You KNOW he's gonna get dumped as our heroine discovers broader worlds to explore, etc. I hope no one considers this comment as a spoiler.... Ha.

Reviewed by EPMD57 5 / 10

Had potential but male characters were intolerable

The writers couldn't have made George more of a stiff if they tried. He was jarringly unrealistic, while David would probably be infuriating in real life. I really liked Erin's character and would have enjoyed her working with a much better script and more intriguing male counterparts.

I know Hallmark doesn't do subtle very well, but I foolishly keep hoping they would write characters who aren't completely one trait or another.

Worth watching for Erin alone, though.

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