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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hallurg 7 / 10

Very slow but effective

The documentary Maidan is a rather unusual film. Camera standing still, showing life, live action and there can be heard conversations amongst the people. This is what one would call minimalistic project.

The music does not get in the way, it is mostly live from the Kiev protests. This film would have gotten 4-5 stars if the ending had not been how it is. A male choral version of an Ukrainian folk song is played over one of the last scenes and that brought tears to my eyes.

The story of Maidan is a story that will be told over and over again because this matter will never be solved. There will always be struggle around the world because of the greed for power.

This is a film that is good for you to watch, just to realize how the power of politics can ruin nations and also make them stronger.

Reviewed by thecorporateassociates 6 / 10

In the first meeting the coach had 2 mobiles how there mobile comes in that period pls see when he gets and he took the mobiles and left

In that period from where mobile comes see in the first meeting when he leaves the meeting gets up took grabs 2 mobile in hand and left the meeting. In that period how there comes the mobile, this type of things lacking is not expected in a movie which have such great crew members. When ever a casted this things to be seen and all aspects like the period dress the equipment's all items Eveerything from all aspects to be checked it's a matter of art director the costume directors the directors all needs to see all the aspects n cast the movie this is not expected from such a crew teams.

Reviewed by johnbozeman 1 / 10

See "Winter on Fire"

"Maidan" is a series of long, raw videos that fail to come up with a story. Spend 60 seconds imagining a string of unedited home movies of a protest--in a foreign language with the occasional random subtitle. OK, done. You've saved yourself over two hours.

If you're interested in Maidan itself, catch "Winter on Fire" which cares about its audience and edits vignettes of participants into a moving portrait of patriotism: fearless, compassionate, and unbelievably strong. These were heroes. As they are today. They have my deepest respect.

It's free on YouTube, courtesy of Netflix.

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