My Father's Dragon


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87% · 70 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.5/10 10 3438 3.4K


Top cast

Golshifteh Farahani as Dela Elevator
Jacob Tremblay as Elmer Elevator
Ian McShane as Saiwa
Judy Greer as Soda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sebastianali123 7 / 10

A disappointing Cartoon Saloon movie?

Well, anything could happen. I wasn't expecting anything bad, in fact, considering that Wolfwalkers and Breadwinner are some of the best animated movies of the decade, I had a lot of hope for My Father Dragon. Not everything is bad, things like the animation or the soundtrack continue to meet the high expectations that we all have towards Cartoon Saloon. As for the story... ug... well, it's not bad at all, but I feel like they didn't understand the phrase the one that covers a lot, little squeezes (and in this movie it could also be translated to the fact that it last less than it should), that and in addition to feeling rushed (I don't know if Netflix will have something to do with it). The movie first begins MAGNIFICENTLY, telling you about the financial problems of her mother and her son, and she lies to him that she doesn't worry that they will be able to save up and have the store back so as not to disappoint him. The film not only makes you very motivated in this part and worried about what might happen to it, but it also tells you a very good message... but... here the problems begin. The movie after Elmer finds the cat, from here becomes fantasy, and dont get me wrong, I wouldn't have a problem with this kind of movie, but the transition from "real" to "fantasy" feels very forced. They never explain to us why no one found the island, why these animals exist in the town or anything. I feel that it is very wasted in that sense. Then when Elmer goes to the island, it's not that everything is bad, since the realistic messages are still there and I really like the artstyle, although here everything begins to decay... The dragon that accompanies the protagonist is... frankly annoying. It's really irritating to have to see him stumble and do nothing over and over again, it's not until the end that he suddenly plucks up the courage and does what he has to do (go to know how he found out, although at least again, they deliver a good message). The two monkeys as antagonists work very well, and the movie, as I already said, picks up a bit near the end, but ugg, it does show something rushed. There are many things that don't matter, and the conflict at the beginning is resolved as if by magic.

Although after all that has been said it may seem strange that I give it a 7, the truth is that I enjoyed it to a certain extent, mostly because of the super original animation that seems to be taken from a children's book (in a good way), in that way we dont have to worry; Cartoon Saloon will never disappoint us, but in history? I think this movie is the weakest of the studio... And for them who came so well with a good run of masterpieces, it's disappointing...

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 8 / 10

great Irish animation

An adult woman narrates and recounts her father Elmer's early childhood. Elmer Elevator and his single mom Dela ran a successful rural general store until a recession closes them down. They and many others move into the city. Dela tells Elmer that she dreams of opening another store, but in reality, she is struggling to pay for a roof over their heads. Elmer takes in a stray cat which results in his mother's anger. He runs away with the cat who turns out to talk. The cat tells him about a dragon who lives on a mystical island.

It's the awards winning Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon. It would have been interesting if the dragon lives in the city. I can imagine something special, but they decided to go back to the fantasy world. The early section in the city has some heart-breaking intense scenes. In the end, I still like the fantasy world. It has all the charms. It is sweet and emotional. This is a great addition to this studio's catalogue.

Reviewed by keaneye1 10 / 10

Made with love

The director studied the source material thoroughly, visited the author and discussed the story at length before the resulting movie was made. The book alone doesn't make a full movie, but what they've added was inspired by that meeting at Ruth Styles Gannett's house. The voice cast in this are excellent, in particular Jacob Tremblay and Gaten Matarazzo who bring so much soul to their roles. The design work maintaining an illustrated book quality through out and the last act really packs an emotional punch. I see some people referring to this as a Netflix movie, like it's part of some soulless machine. It's made lovingly by Nora Twomey and her team at Cartoon Saloon, who made this during lockdown from their homes. To produce such a beautiful film where all deviations from the source was carefully considered is incredible. It took real craft and artistry to make every frame on that screen and these armchair critics need to think about that.

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