Pitch Perfect


Action / Comedy / Music / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 82% · 157 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83% · 100K ratings
IMDb Rating 7.1/10 10 332794 332.8K


Top cast

Kether Donohue as Alice
Brittany Snow as Chloe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by M0vieL0ver 7 / 10

Fun movie

Start watching and the movie hooks you in pretty quickly. Some laugh out loud scenes. Fun stuff. Recommended.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by jboothmillard 6 / 10

Pitch Perfect

I knew this film was about singing, and I knew a couple of the female stars in it, as for everything else, I was looking forward to seeing this sleeper hit for myself. Basically, at the annual International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCAC), at Lincoln Center in New York City, the Bellas, from Barden University, are the first all-female group to make it to the finals. But they cannot compete against the all-male Treblemakers, as they perform uninspired arrangements, outdated girl songs, and they are humiliated by Aubrey Posen (Anna Camp) vomiting during her solo. Four months later, freshman Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick) is a new arrival at Barden. She has no desire to attend college, but her professor father (John Benjamin Hickey) has forced her, she wants to pursue a career as a DJ and music producer in Los Angeles. Beca spends her time making mash-ups and takes up an internship at the school radio station, where she gets to know fellow freshman Jesse Swanson (Skylar Astin). Beca's father finds out she has not been attending classes, so he makes a deal with her, if she joins a club and still wants to leave college after a year, he allow her to do so, and will pay her way to Los Angeles to pursue her career. Beca is persuaded by Chloe Beale (Brittany Snow) to join to Barden Bellas, Aubrey initially disapproves, but she sees Beca has talent. Soon other members join, that do not fit the group's typical mould, including Cynthia-Rose (Ester Dean), Stacie Conrad (Alexis Knapp), Lilly Onakuramara (Hana Mae Lee) and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson). Their rehearsals are shaky, but they slowly find harmonies and roles. The new Bellas lineup perform at the southeastern regional competition at Carolina University, but at Aubrey's insistence they perform the same medley they did at the finals the previous year. But the last of their three songs is a hit, and they get second place and progress to the semi-finals. But disaster strikes when the Treblemakers cause an uproar with the Bellas after the competition. Beca accidentally smashes a window with the trophy, she is arrested by the police. Jesse, who joined the Treblemakers, bails Beca out, but it gets worse when her father gets involved and tells her he will no longer pay for her to go to Los Angeles. Beca is infuriated and her friendship with Jesse is soured, and Aubrey will not listen to her suggestion for the Bellas to be more daring songs. At the semi-finals, during the Bellas' "traditional" performance, Beca provides an impromptu back-up of one of her favourite songs, the audience enjoy the remix, but the Bellas come third, behind the Footnotes and the Treblemakers. Aubrey is furious with Beca, who in turn quits. But things improve when the Footnotes are later disqualified from the national competition, because the lead singer was actually still in high school, meaning the Bellas can take part instead. The Bellas reform after spring break, without Beca, Chloe stands up to Aubrey for her stubbornness, and the group fall apart. Beca meanwhile is declined an apology from Jesse, so she returns to the Bellas, apologising for her actions at the semi-finals, and Aubrey eventually allows her a second chance. Having had a heart-to-heart conversation, the Bellas decide to adopt Beca's more modern and original music style. Meanwhile, Treblemakers group leader Bumper Allen (Adam Devine) leaves after being offered a job to be backup singer for John Mayer. Jesse convinces them to let his previously rejected roommate Benji Applebaum (Ben Platt) join the group. At the a cappella national competition, the Bellas, with Beca's arrangement, sing a modern song, plus a performance of "Don't You (Forget About Me)", featured in The Breakfast Club, one of Jesse's favourite movies, this acts as a more effective apology from Beca. Following the performance, Beca and Jesse kiss, the Bellas win the competition, and six months later, they audition for new members. Also starring Elizabeth Banks (also producing) as Gail Abernathy-McKadden, John Michael Higgins as John Smith, Alexis Knapp as Stacie Conrad, Ester Dean as Cynthia Rose, Hana Mae Lee as Lilly Onakuramara, Kelley Alice Jakle as Jessica and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Tommy. Kendrick is likeable as the determined would-be DJ and new talent to the gang, Camp is convincingly annoying as the uptight soloist, and Wilson with her Australian accent and big screen presence gets many of the laughs being the loud eccentric one. It is a simple story, an a cappella girl group struggling get a new talent and improve dramatically, there are clichés and stereotypical characters, but the script is smart, the energy is razor-sharp, and the singing talent and soundtrack in splendid, it is a most enjoyable musical comedy. Good!

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