Poker Face


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9% · 34 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.2/10 10 12674 12.7K
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FixedYourEnding 4 / 10

Not much action, not much crime and not very thrilling

This movie serves you with a triple dose of Russell Crowe. Acting, directing and screenplay. Let me tell you, there are very few people that talented on earth that can do all three successfully, and Crowe is not one of them. Other than beautiful scenery, cars, architecture and art you don't get much here. If you are satisfied with just that you might be ok with this movie, but if you are looking for a good thriller, look somewhere else.

Couple of things I disliked about this movie: 1. It's kinda boring and the overall action is silly. 2. The casting was done based on popularity and not based on fit for the role (RZA, Liam Hemsworth). Also, if you have a group of childhood friends, should they not be at the same age as grown-ups? The characters are all annoying. Morally deficient and thus failing to pull any emotions from the viewers. You are rich and made all the wrong decisions, who cares.

Third thing is the Poker. I think Poker fans will be really disappointed by this movie, having the name and the art suggest it is something to do with high-level card game, but other than a random event here and there, there is really nothing to do with poker, and really doesn't showcase the professionalism behind a Texas-Holdem game for example. In short, if you intend to watch this movie for some nice poker moves, you will be deeply disappointed.

Some good points: If you are an art lover, there are a few dialogues there discussing art in an interesting way and also I really liked the first 10 minutes intro of the movie, unfortunately it goes downhill from there, all the way to a predictable and pointless ending. Even the cars are boring and the car race is pointless and un-exciting, to the point where it feels production was careful not to risk scratching the cars before returning them to the rental car agency.

To sum up- don't spend your time and hard earned money on this one. Exact score: 44 / 100.

Reviewed by jimbo-53-186511 3 / 10

It was hard to keep a straight face sitting through this nonsense

Tech billionaire and seasoned gambler Jake Foley invites a group of his friends to a high-stakes poker game at his plush mansion. He offers his friends a choice; they can each take an expensive car or gamble this expensive gift for a bigger prize; namely $5 million dollars each. As the night progresses, secrets and betrayals are unearthed, but worse is to follow when thieves break in to Jake's mansion and Jake and his friends find themselves having to band together if they are all to survive the night...

Poker Face is one of those films that takes an unbelievably long time to getting going; this isn't an issue in and of itself if the film impresses once it gets to the crux of the story. Sadly that doesn't happen here...

After what seems like a lifetime we eventually learn that Jake is dying from pancreatic cancer and wants his friends to feel the pain that he's feeling (you know like you do???) so he uses a truth serum to get them to confess their sins; I didn't get much from this and don't remember much about their alleged sins except one of Jake's friends had been sleeping with his wife. The dialogue is dull and the film as a whole is fairly uneventful; even when the thieves break in and have a showdown with Jake the film has few sparks; this in part is down to a comical villainess turn from Paul Tassone which is more ridiculous than threatening.

Another thing I noticed was some of the casting choices which again were quite bizarre; Liam Hemsworth is supposed to be the same age as Crowe and the others yet in reality is about 25 years younger. Although some effort had been made to make him look older it's still fairly obvious that he isn't in their age range. If they were going to cast a younger Australian actor for this role then they should have gone for an unknown actor so that this glaring mistake wouldn't be quite so obvious or better still hire an Australian actor who is a similar sort of age to Crowe. Perhaps Hugh Jackman was either busy, he wasn't selected or more likely he looked at the script and said No thank you or the producers couldn't afford him. American rapper/actor RZA was also a strange choice though at least he was in the right age bracket.

Poker Face is a messy product which tries to do 2 very different things, but ends up doing neither of them particularly well.

Reviewed by mosquitobite 1 / 10

Have you or have you not been..


This is ATROCIOUS Russell please mate love ya, but please stick to acting and leave the hard stuff to others.

This has such a ridiculous premise with the funniest corniest action sequences it's embarrassing.

There is no tension. No reason for the vicious tension from Victor, the females are banal roles, a spoiled kid and unfaithful wife yawn.

Rusty staring down the camera like something big is going down. It isnt.

Life is a game of luck ? So is choosing a movie, let this one slide by and you are missing nothing.

It's just so hard to buy into, or feel anything for anyone in it. Forgive imperfections is the final message and most apt.

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