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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mchl88 7 / 10

Needed More

I'm only going to compare this documentary to Arnold Schwarzenegger's because it is brought up so prominently in both of them how competitive they were. How toe to toe they went in the 80s making bigger and bigger action films and getting larger and larger grosses (not to mention biceps).

That said, Arnold's was better. I preferred Schwarzenegger's because it went deeper into his personal life and even his faults as a man and a husband.

Sly, the documentary, was good. But it mostly focused on his career. After the obligatory stuff about how he grew up and what a sonofabitch his father was, it was all about the movies. The hits and the flops. I'd've liked to have heard more about his marriages and his relationship with his kooky mother (which is completely overlooked) and especially about losing his son. Even his other business adventures are ignored. Wasn't he an investor in Planet Hollywood? We hear nothing about that.

Anyway, I enjoyed this. It was the perfect airplane diversion as I killed 7 hours over the Atlantic. But like the Arnold doc, I think Sly's life deserves more than a 2 hour recap. I could have handled at least twice that as long as the second part dove deeper into the man himself.

Reviewed by masonsaul 8 / 10

Not a deep dive but still great

Sly may not be a deep dive into Sylvester Stallone's career but it's an emotional and engaging look into the life and career of a superstar on his own terms. Even if it can't cover everything it still hits the major milestones (and Expendables) whilst still having time for Stallone to acknowledge his own flaws and regrets.

There've been so many jokes about Stallone being an unintelligible muscle man so it's nice to have this to set the record straight. He's a really insightful actor who's put so much of himself in his movies. There are a few times Stallone's decisions and refusal to back down created some of cinema's best moments as well as some missteps he acknowledges which shows how far he's come.

Just as engaging as the anecdotes about filmmaking and how Rocky in particular was created are his observations about life. The pain, the loss and the speed it goes by are all discussed in a very frank manner with some heavy yet beautiful quotes that remind you Sly has a real way with words, in life and on the page.

There's also a great selection of interviews with other people in between Stallone's discussions, some who make perfect sense including Frank Stallone just generally being the best and Arnold Schwarzenegger getting to offer some funny stories about their infamous rivalry as well as others who are just cool to see (Quentin Tarantino!).

Thom Zimny's direction is great overall. Swapping effortlessly between the interviews and archive footage throughout with a generally nice vibe that means you don't want it to end. It only briefly falters in a few moments where it distracts from Stallone's openness by shaking the camera too much in an attempt to get as close as possible.

Reviewed by DLochner 7 / 10

A Hollywood legend pressed into 90 minutes

There is a three-part series for Arnold Schwarzenegger and only one part for Sylvester Stallone. It's kind of a shame, especially since his life is at least as exciting, if not the most exciting. In the '70s, Sylvester Stallone was doing poorly, very poorly. And to see that once is incredible. An honorable man, with an honorable story. An intimate look, albeit explained in a somewhat monotonous way. It feels like the same people always have their say when they talk about Stallone or think they have something to say about him. A straightforward film about a person who has so much more to say than this film. All in all, a nice overview but not worthy of a person like Stallone.

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