Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77% · 98 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.7/10 10 5785 5.8K


Top cast

Scott MacArthur as Sweet n' Low
Laura Linney as Kristine
Woody Harrelson as Paul Warren
Nico Parker as Doris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by miketkrwilliams 7 / 10

Surprisingly good

This is a slow moving, stuff happens movie but the performances are very good and it is heartwarming in the end. If you like coming of age movies I recommend it.

Nico Parker really shines in her performance. I hope to see her in more movies in the future as she has talent. The whole cast is very good.


One problem I had was I kept expecting Doris's new friends to turn out bad and do something really mean to her. Because of this I was a bit anxious throughout the movie. This never happens and wish I had known in advance as I would have enjoyed the movie a lot more. As it turns out her friends are typical spoiled upper middle class kids but their hearts are basically good.

Woody Harrelson was GREAT in his role. The part of an older man befriending a teen high school girl could easily have come across creepy and pervy but you NEVER get that vibe from Woody.

Me, my wife, and my 23 year old daughter all enjoyed this move a lot. Put it on your watch list.

Reviewed by PerryAtTheMovies 7 / 10

A journey that is sad and happy....

7.0/10 (Recommend)

I don't think the synopsis for this film clearly explains what this movie is about to the extent that it could. Part of me thought that it was going to be all about protests and just a surface style relationship between Doris (Nico Parker) and Paul (Woody Harrelson), but it is so much deeper than that.

While the story surrounds the brother's medical condition and another patients medical condition it isn't the focal point. The story is about a girl trying to find her place without upsetting those around her.

Nico Parker did a great job in my opinion as she went from quiet, shy, and awkward to more vocal and courageous about herself and her circumstances. Kristine played by Laura Linney was a lot easier to hate than to like, but you realize the circumstances compounded some of her decisions. The manipulation and guilt she puts on her daughter never sits right especially due to the outcome of the film.

This film is very relatable particularly if you've ever lost someone you love and care about. It gave me a gut punch as I couldn't be with my grandma at the end of her life and so the emotions of that time came back. It goes along with the phrase "say what you need to say now cause there may never be a later time to say it".

I think this film is rated 'R' for its real life portrayal of underage drinking, clubbing, drugs, and sexual innuendos. It doesn't go into the most horrendous portrayal of those acts, but because it's shown, the parental rating is higher. If you can get past that and understand that it happens in real life then this film is definitely worth watching.

That's all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Until next time.... Enjoy the show!

Reviewed by rafaews 8 / 10

Sweet, subtle and solid

Right now this movie is scoring 6.7 and I'm not sure why isn't higher.

I was so impressed with Laura Linney from the get go and her scenes with Nico Parker were often overwhelming given how good they were.

Nico, keeps the ball rolling. And it's a heavy ball so props to her.

Woody Harrelson does.. what he does and he does more than fine.

I think it was a sweet, subtle, solid rendition of a weird coming of age story. Esteeming from a very dysfunctional situation for any teenager but that really shines through the observation of the mother figure and the absurdity of having to deal with life in those terms.

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