The Grizzlies


Action / Biography / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 87% · 31 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 95% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 7.5/10 10 2696 2.7K

Top cast

Tantoo Cardinal as Janace
Will Sasso as Mike
Eric Schweig as Harry Aviak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peeedeee-94281 8 / 10

Worth Watching and a True Story!

I was fortunate enough to view a free screening of this film. Unfortunately, the director and cast were not in attendance, although I did hear that some other screenings (including paid ones) had them show up at the end to talk about this film. The subject matter is pretty dark, but not overwhelming. Young people, mostly males, committing suicide. You get attached to certain characters, next thing you know, they've killed themselves, and for reasons that to us would seem almost trivial. We see how Russ Sheppard, who initially was only there until he could find a better teaching position elsewhere, was moved to try to bring some hope to the young folks, which was something lacking in the town. The ending is satisfying, not quite the disney hollywood ending, but totally Canadian. Speaking of Canadian, I'm usually not a fan of Canadian movies, and I believe in supporting home talent. The problem is I find they tend not to 'feel' right, I have a certain cinematic sense I'm looking for, and sadly, many Canadian films lack it for one reason or another. However, this particular film does a very good job of being both Canadian, and also international cinematically speaking, if that makes sense. It doesn't feel like, say, a CBC TV movie production, but one that deserves to be seen on the big screen. And it should be seen. There are some clips on youtube regarding the real life Grizzlies if you want to see more about them. You can view interviews with the real Russ Sheppard and maybe one or two of the real life characters that were used in the Grizzlies film. Check this one out!

Reviewed by maccas-56367 9 / 10

An absolute gem

One of the best sports movies I've seen in years. Never thought I could be so invested in a film about lacrosse, but then The Grizzlies is a rare film with a big heart.

It felt both tragic and heartwarming. I was completely transported into that little part of Canada and Inuit culture. The characters felt authentic and the scenery hard to look away from.

I thought it did a great job of acknowledging challenges facing Inuit and First Nations people both past and present. It was as much a cultural lesson for me as it was heartwarming film based on true events.

I felt invested in the plight of each character and felt quite connected to each of them by the end of the film. It was this connection that caused me to be pretty damn emotional at times!

Highly recommend.

Reviewed by ksf-2 7 / 10

teacher in the far north meets the inuit

In a cold, frozen land where boredom and alcoholism loom, a group of inuit students learn how to play lacrosse. The new teacher russ doesn't know any of the customs, isn't sure how to meet the locals on their terms, but he is determined to try. And one thing he's knows is lacrosse. So many obstacles. Can he get the town to pull together? Directed by miranda de pencier. This won a bunch of film fest awards. Good stuff. What you see is what you get. Educational in many ways.

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