The Other Side


Action / Documentary / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by labng 1 / 10

Abandon hope all ye who enter here

I got the feeling while watching, that the filmmaker's intent was to exploit the subjects of the film. It was disrespectful in tone and content.

Reviewed by HelenDamnation57 8 / 10

the quintessence of "disturbia"

IMDb has erroneously labeled this film as "PG", instead of the "X" it deserves, in today's US film environment. If this film is ever shown to children, there will be hell to pay. The film is indeed the quintessence of "disturbia".

I was "raised" across the river in the West Monroe's twin city, Monroe, but have spent most of my life away from Ouachita Parish. I now live in West Monroe, after a long absence. While I knew this culture(s) is present here, I was not aware of the severity and the hopelessness that is served with it. If you live here, you will know there are some places, some neighborhoods, some parts of town you just don't visit, especially at night, as in Memphis, or most other cities.

If you're not familiar with Louisiana and especially West Monroe, this film will cause you to take the area off of your "places you must visit" list. A little contrast would have been nice, especially considering the OTHER side of the other side are the majority of folks who live here.

Reviewed by bb71149 8 / 10

This is America's future

Corporations pay less taxes in Louisiana than any other U.S. state. They also have fewer environmental restrictions here than any other U.S. state. Its educational system is starving for funds. BP crude oil from Deepwater Horizon is still affecting local economies, but BP is scott free. There's no telling what toxins are the drinking water or air or dirt in Louisiana because the government is so corrupt they don't care. Don't blame the citizenry who are treated like corporate trash. This is Wall Street's America!

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