The Perfect Catch


Action / Drama / Family / Romance / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 6.6/10 10 2254 2.3K

Top cast

Nikki Deloach as Jessica
Andrew W. Walker as Chase Taynor
Taylor St. Pierre as Customer #2
Lisa Durupt as Nina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Racingphan2 8 / 10

Baseball player he's not.

Andrew Walker is many things, and one of my favorite Hallmark actors, but a baseball player he's not. It's kinda painful to watch him pretend. But the chemistry between Andrew and Nikki DeLoach makes for a fun watch. And Lisa Durupt as the best friend is super pretty. Why isn't she headlining these movies. (BTW, as another reviewer points out, you can't unsee the scene with the cop where the headrest goes up and down between scenes. Really?)

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10

Well worth catching

Although it didn't sound particularly original story-wise, 'The Perfect Catch' was still seen because of the two leads. Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker very seldom disappoint, their filmographies are hit and miss and so are their characters, but they are often among the best things of the misses. Do consider them two of Hallmark's best regulars and ones that near-consistently deliver, and have also seen them together before (and liked them).

'The Perfect Catch' really is well worth catching, and that is not being hyperbolic. And it is not just for them, though they are the main reasons. Was not all that impressed by the 2017 Spring Fever films on the whole, especially 'Like Cats and Dogs', but 'The Perfect Catch' did impress me a good deal and is easily the best of them. With it being the only one to be above good. Liked 'Moonlight in Vermont' too, though with some reservations, but the others didn't do it for me.

Not much to criticise, though there is very little new which did make it very easy to tell where the film was going to go. Especially in the final quarter, which was a little over too soon and neat.

Did think too that while pleasant enough the music had a bit of a repetitive quality to it.

However, both DeLoach and Walker are terrific and equally so. So many nuanced emotions and sparkling feel for comedy, and they wholly succeed in making their characters likeable despite seeing those types of characters before many times. Their characters, and the characters generally as an overall whole, are not meaty but they enagge and don't bore or irritate or make frustrating decisions. Being neither too perfect or have too many overblown character flaws, have seen plenty of those recently so that was a relief. Their chemistry is very genuine and truly endearing, can really tell that the two love working with each other. Lisa Durrupt steals every scene she's in and makes a potentially annoying character entertaining.

Visually, 'The Perfect Catch' is slick and attractive. Hallmark often did deliver on the scenery, the locations were seldom authentic to the real thing but they still looked great and lovingly shot, and this film is no exception. The script doesn't feel stilted or cheesy and there is a very good natured feel good vibe to the playful, charming interactions. The story is very cute without being too cute and is very heart warming and light on its feet.

Summing up, well worth catching. 8/10.

Reviewed by paulwattriley 5 / 10

a sunday movie

The easiest and simple method would have been getting the stewards to make an announcement instead of a pregnant woman dropping down a 12ft wall and running across a field being chased by stewards

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