The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck


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Jonno Roberts as Body recovery cop
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Reviewed by mike_bike_kite 5 / 10

Valid pointd but ...

He spoke of how his life was turned upside down by an incident at school and how his parents broke up but didn't see any correlation with his own actions. He spoke of his best friend who lived a "dream life" that was entirely false but failed to understand the guy was just a classic psychopath and not a role model. He spoke how he used to be shallow and self centred but now here he is in a film dedicated to his world view featuring no-one but himself. I totally agree with this main point that it's foolish to compare yourself with what's found on YT etc but I found the the guy himself quite sad.

Reviewed by olliemcdaid 2 / 10

Pseudoscientific anecdotal nonsense.

A drawn out monologue that fails to engage with anything philosophical, responding only to anecdotes.

It's odd that this philosophy only works with numerical identifiers of success. There is no sense of inner fulfilment, no enjoyment from the attempt of trying something new. You can only be good or bad at something.

It's both critical of late stage capitalism and completely complicit. Perhaps justifying flogging these books.

Mark Manson loves the use of binary, there is little to no room for nuance & balance. Promoting a circular philosophy that can only lead to self-pity & loathing.

I'd offer this binary: watch this or speak to someone outside a club at 3am.

Reviewed by nytol1-798-466578 4 / 10


I've been a big fan of Mark since he first started putting out his email which feels like over ten years ago?

I REALLY liked the book, and still think it is excellent.

This however was not so good.

It didn't feel right, didn't flow, wasn't especially interesting, I'm not sure how they got it so wrong to be honest?

I turned it off before the end, as it was borderline painful to watch at times.

It didn't feel like Mark's work, so I can only assume he didn't have that much input or get final approval?

I'd recommend spending your time with the audio book rather than watching this, you will get a LOT more out of it.

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