Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78% · 41 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 8874 8.9K


Top cast

Marisa Tomei as Claire
Anthony Head as Julian Marx
Lena Olin as Catherine
Archie Renaux as William
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cjonesas 7 / 10

[7.5] "Fictive" beautiful London with no lift

A light, lovely romantic comedy with great acting, believable chemistry between loves, friends and "foes", enthralling to the romantic mind score and gorgeous photography of London and its auctions world and expositions.

All that are made in a tight and lovely production that I don't care how much realism it bears, cause as long as I "walked by and with" Ana played by the talented and loca beautiful Camila Mendes, I got the pleasure to live for a brief period a beautiful fictive life on Futons, staring at "swans" drawn with squares, circles and triangles all in cute lively colors, have a sit in first class, rest like an emperor and breath the fresh, humid air of London.

It's a rom-com movie for romantic people and you could see the difference between the superior 'Upgraded' and the lesser in terms of entertainment, loveliness and chemistry as 'Anyone but You'.

  • Screenplay/storyline/plots: 7
  • Development: 8
  • Realism: 7
  • Entertainment: 8.5
  • Acting: 8
  • Filming/photography/animation: 8
  • VFX: 8
  • Music/score/sound: 7.5
  • Depth: 7.5
  • Logic: 6
  • Flow: 8
  • Comedy/romance: 7
  • Ending: 6.5.

Reviewed by allyjosefine 4 / 10

Worst message ever - lie and get everything you ever wanted!

Although I love the return to classic silly Rom-Coms, this film really pissed me off because it had such a bad message!!! She lies to everyone and gets no repercussions in the slightest, in fact she gets rewarded with a better position and lots and lots of money and ultimately her own gallery and the guy of her dreams. Also not to mention the way she uses the hot British guy, who's name I've forgotten, to get what she needs to do better at her job and in return feed him nothing but lies about who you are.

It was a pretty enjoyable film apart from the whole plot - the acting was alright and Marisa Tomei is the bomb dot com as per.

Reviewed by shirathayam 4 / 10

Bad message

This is a Cinderella storty with a twist: The stepmother is, actually, ok, and Cinderella is a rude, ungrateful parasite who lies to her prince charming, her boss, her associates and her fairy godmother (who manipulates the protagonist for her own benefits), steals from her boss and acts aggressively and obnoxiously when she is down.

But it's fine, really. Because in the happy ending this fine person gets upgraded (not by her own merit, mind you, but by sheer luck) and has money, status, dream job, her own place to live and... of course, the love of the shallow but oh-so-charming super rich prince.

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