The Mistletoe Secret


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 6.3/10 10 1579 1.6K


Top cast

Tyler Hynes as Alex Bartlett
Christopher Russell as Sterling Masters
Patrick Duffy as Mack Eubanks
Beverley Elliott as Catherine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieQween-33622 3 / 10

3 stars for the 3 male costars...

I really don't like piling onto anything negative, especially during the Holiday season when our job is spread kindness and love. The three males in here deserved better and I think they did the absolute best they could. With this being said, I just do not think Kellie Pickler is meant to be an actress. Her singing voice is beautiful and we know she is a talented singer who is gorgeous! But not everyone can be good at everything, that's just how it goes! I was hoping after the Graceland movie debacle last year, Kellie would have taken some acting lessons to help show us negative reviewers wrong. But that did not happen for this movie either. I love to see a good success story though so please Hallmark give her a chance to improve with an acting coach or please stop casting her. People who watch Hallmark Christmas movies do not want to rip people or leave negative reviews. We want to enjoy the films and revel in the Christmas spirit!! It's so hard when the lead actress fails to connect with her costars and fails to connect with people at home watching. Sometimes things need to be addressed, this was one of those time. Please improve this Hallmark! I would also love to see Christopher Russell as a lead in a movie in the future!

Reviewed by happyjack-29558 5 / 10

I wanted to love it...

I gave it a 5/10 only because Kellie Pickler was so wrong in the movie. It was cute and the story had all the classic Hallmark "ahh's." Kellie was so stiff, emotionless and monotone. I Loved the guys, Tyler, Christopher and Patrick were endearing, funny and relatable. Like I said, I wanted to love it and was all settled in to enjoy it, but 20 min in I knew this wasn't going to be a keeper.

Reviewed by babycakes-45269 5 / 10

I'm a huge Hallmark supporter but please stop casting Pickler

I have been a huge Hallmark supporter for years, I can watch Hallmark movies all day everyday and not get sick of it. But Kellie Pickler is just too painful to watch. She has an amazing voice, but her acting is so awkward and it appears she is always forgetting her lines. Don't they notice this? I couldn't finish watching the Graceland one either. Both movies had so much potential. So disappointing, cute story and was nice to see Patrick Duffy. I'm sure Pickler can improve but the tough love needs to trigger some acting classes. Or please stick to singing.

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